Golden-fronted Woodpecker Illustration

16 Jan 2018 9:00am

Happy Tuesday!

When a birding enthusiast spots a new bird they have not seen in the wild before, they call that “a lifer”. Birders will add that bird to their birding “Lifer List”. My Lifer List is currently at 191 species. In a digital illustration series, I will introduce my birding Lifer List to you.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker Illustration by Architette Studios

Bird Lifer #1: Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Spotted October 2013
Fredericksburg, Texas

Golden-fronted Woodpecker Sketch by Architette Studios

Read more about my birding adventures on the blog at

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Electric Guitar Construction

15 Jan 2018 9:00am

For Illustration Friday, this weeks topic is “Guitar“. It reminded me to revive Project Electric Guitar from digital sleep. Originally drawn in 2013 and inspired by all those guitar gods…Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn… B.B. King… the list goes on. Taken from sketch, to screen to digital print, Project Electric Guitar is back in the shop for instant download. Happy Monday!

Project Electric Guitar by Architette Studios

Project Electric Guitar by Architette Studios

Project Electric Guitar by Architette Studios

Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
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National Sticker and Rubber Ducky Day

13 Jan 2018 9:00am

A fun way to combine National Sticker Day and National Rubber Ducky Day? How about Rubber Ducky stickers? 🙂 Found on Amazon.

Rubber Ducky Stickers

© 2018

Design Rewind: Atlanta City Skyline

11 Jan 2018 9:00am

On January 2nd, the state of Georgia became 230 years old! Today, a look back to April of 2010 when I created the city skyline drawing of Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta, Georgia City Skyline by Architette Studios

I utilize many tools when designing the layout of a new city skyline drawing. I look for everything ranging from maps, photos, online reviews of destination hot spots,and historical references. All of it comes together to create a “collapsed” skyline that hopefully captures everything one might need to trigger thoughts of that particular city.

Atlanta on Google Earth


Looking at midtown Atlanta from the north east area near Ansley Park proved to have a sweeping view of all the major skyscrapers I wanted to include. The above similar view is courtesy of Google Earth. After much plotting and planning… the baseline city skyline drawing of Atlanta, Georgia was born.

Atlanta, Georgia City Skyline by Architette Studios

This skyline has since been used in many wedding invitations, moving announcements, and other various projects… including as a tattoo! 😍

Atlanta Skyline Tattoo

You can download this skyline today to use in your DIY projects. I’d love to see photos of what you create with it.

Atlanta, Georgia City Skyline by Architette Studios

Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
© 2018

Save the Eagles Day Postage

10 Jan 2018 9:00am

A little gathering of eagle postage stamps in honor of Save the Eagles Day.

Save the Eagles Postage by Architette Studios

© 2018

The Letter A

8 Jan 2018 9:00am

It is Monday coming back around. It’s always busy in the studio, but a brief pause for Illustration Friday is always welcomed. This weeks topic is “The Letter A“. This is my hand drawing of a scripted A as a blade of twisting grass, flowers, nodes and featuring a special guest appearance from Sheeptails. 😉The Letter A for Illustration Friday by Architette Studios

… okay, back to work! Happy Monday.

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Happy New Year 2018

29 Dec 2017 6:05am

The year 2018 is upon us in just a few short days, and the writing of New Years resolutions are in full swing.

Project New Years 2018 Construction by Architette StudiosProject Happy New Years 2018 Construction

While some of my resolutions for 2018 are your typical-kind, here are some to share with you!

– Read at least 12 books
– Write 12 snail mail letters
– Pay off some credit cards
– Transcribe 12 handwritten journals
– Write 12 short stories

Do you have any resolutions to share?

Happy New Year!

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Happy March

1 Mar 2017 11:26pm

Named for the Roman god of war Mars… March is the third month of the year. 👽 It has 31 days and is known as the first month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere due to the Vernal equinox which occurs between March 19th and 21st of every year. 🌱


Project Mars Construction

Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
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Street Cover: Boerum St + White St

16 Jan 2017 9:39pm


Illustration of a street cover on Boerum St + White St in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.

Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
© 2017

London – Dallas Moving Announcements

10 Jul 2016 10:55pm

These custom moving announcements feature the city skylines of London, United Kingdom and Dallas, Texas. Goodbye London… Hello Dallas!

London Dallas Moving Announcements by Architette Studios

Printed on Natural Linen heavyweight stock and paired with Leisure Blue envelopes.

Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
© 2016

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