Little Worlds on Butterflies

8 Jan 2013 1:19am

Last February, I began to explore little worlds that could seemingly be found in nature… on a leaf, on a shell… as a way to pause and appreciate the little things in life. Today, I discovered little worlds on butterflies. Carrying society on their backs… or maybe just taking the world elsewhere for a little while…

Little World on Butterflies by Architette Studios

Little Worlds on Butterflies by J.Bishop

Little Worlds on Butterflies by J. Bishop
Cluster Flutter by J.Bishop Studios

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Project Expletives

7 Jan 2013 10:50am

Oh I crack myself up sometimes. The idea came to me in the middle of the night… sort of an OMG moment. Of course! Project Expletives… featuring “OMG” and “LOL“… for now! I am sure more are on the way… TTYL!

Project OMG by Architette Studios

Project LOL by Architette Studios

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Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
Image blurred for privacy.

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Project Tea Construction

2 Jan 2013 3:17pm

It has been over a year since I mentioned working on Project Tea, but here she is in her full glory… new in the shop today!

Project Tea Construction by Architette Studios

Project Tea Construction by Architette Studios

I used my favorite teacup from the kitchen as my source of inspiration. What is your favorite dish in the kitchen?

Tampa, Florida Graduation Announcements

28 Dec 2012 7:30am

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of working on a set of custom graduation announcements for a client featuring the Tampa city skyline… and a happy flying graduation cap! The Grass Green backer with Daisy Yellow envelope combination border really give these a vibrant and alive feel… all the while being classic and clean.


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Dallas – Fort Worth Skyline Combination

27 Dec 2012 8:30am

What is Dallas without Fort Worth? Or Fort Worth without Dallas? Okay, okay… they are two very distinctly different cities. I recently had the pleasure to work on a conjoined city skyline of both Dallas and Fort Worth for a wedding… and since both cities stand on their own (obviously), I decided to approach the conjoined skyline as such… drawing each separately, keeping in mind that they would both come together in the end.



… and after scanning both separate skylines in to the computer at high resolution… I combined the two for Dallas-Forth Worth…


Looking for a custom skyline? Visit this listing in the shop for more information… or feel free to email me with any questions!

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Liberty Baking Co. Cards

26 Dec 2012 9:15pm

While in Wisconsin last October for a family reunion, I found myself perusing a cute antique shop in the historic Cedar Creek Settlement. Among many fun finds, I found a binder full of what I can only call vintage “information cards”. Each one of these cards, were illustrated with detailed images about each of the states in America… the state seal, state outline with major cities, an illustration of the state capitol… and all major industries, textiles, goods etc. This is the one I purchased for Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Card Front
I thought they were postcards at first, but when I removed one from its sleeve, I noticed there was not space for correspondence on the back… but a description of what each of the illustrations on the front were.

Massachusetts Card Back
… and a little description about the information cards availability:

This is one of the series of the
states and possessions of the
United States.
There are 55 different cards

Wrapped only with
Master Bread
Honey Bread

Tell your friends about them -
They are interesting and instructive

For young folks as
well as grown ups

We also bake
Famous Chicago Rye, Half Rye, Round Rye
Poppy Seed Bread, Rolls and Sweet Rolls

Liberty Baking Co.

 As we are about to move into the year 2013, (after surviving the end of the world and all) – I can’t help but reflect about how we can “reign in” this explosive technological world that we are all living in. Status updates, tweets, texts… our attention has never been so torn between a thousand things! Where can we find the “battery-free moment” to pause while we eat a slice of bread… to read an information card such as the one above? When can we admire its illustrations and facts? How much are we missing when we are looking at the phone screen, computer screen, TV screen… ? It took this little piece of paper to remind me today.

It is my hope, that everything I create custom or sold in the shop daily will have this effect on its recipient… a cause for pause. Happy 2013 everyone!

PS – I am interested to see what the extra 5 cards were for since there are only 50 states, but 55 cards. I’m also interested in seeing if this company still exists… I couldn’t find any information about it anywhere… does anyone have a lead?

UPDATE: Liberty Baking Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin closed in 1960 after 91 years… but here it is in happier times.

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Detroit – New York Silhouette

26 Dec 2012 8:30am

Combined city skylines of New York and Detroit with a silhouette-outline of the newly wed couple are featured on this custom fine art print.

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Sheeptails End of the World Cards

21 Dec 2012 12:21pm

Today is the end of the world! Oh. It’s not?  Good thing I bought Christmas gifts for everyone just in case!

Here is a sneak peek at my self-designed Holiday / New Years / End of the World Sheeptails card that I am sending out to family and friends this year! I actually waited to send these out today so they’d be postmarked on the day the world was supposed to end! (Just like I waited for this to post on 12/21 at 12:21!)

End of the World 01

End of the World 02

End of the World 03


End of the World 05

End of the World 06

… and I am being a Grinch this year. See, in years past… I’ve always sent upwards of 100 cards out… just to get less than a quarter of that back. So, I’m doing a new thing this year… I send one out when I get one… simple as that! (The “core” family and friends are exempt of course!) Ba-hum-bug!

Two articles that I enjoyed reading about sending out Christmas cards…

“When You Send Out Christmas Cards and Don’t Get Any Back” by Stephanie Earp at AOL – Canada (my sentiments exactly).

… and then, the “Top 10 Reasons for Sending Christmas Cards” by Kathryn E. Livingston at Huffington Post (now I am feeling a tad guilty).

In the first article, it even says, “Is this about you, or about them?”… and really, I feel like it’s both! Give a little… take a little. In either case… it looks like we’re all going to make it afterall! Happy End of the World day!

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Baby Blocks – Envelope Seals

20 Dec 2012 7:00am

In hues of light blues and greens… these sweet and precious custom baby block envelope seals will adorn the back of the envelopes for a dear friend of mines baby announcements / Christmas / New Years cards. The baby blocks bear the new-addition-to-the-family’s initials, and the old and new years!


Each one is 1.25 x 1.25″ in size on a bright white self-adhesive seal.


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Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.

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Post-Wedding Brunch RSVPs

19 Dec 2012 8:15am

I recently had the pleasure to design post-wedding brunch postcard RSVPs with my ever popular Durham, North Carolina city skyline. I love the simple yet modern black and white on heavy-weight bright white linen stock… just classic.


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Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
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Custom Holiday Scripture Gift Tags

18 Dec 2012 8:30am

A custom set of holiday scripture gift tags featuring various verses from the bible and custom cross illustrations.



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Geminid Meteor Shower

13 Dec 2012 8:30am

Among all the things I love about December, one of my favorites is the annual Geminid Meteor Shower. This year, the peak will occur around 2 a.m. in the early morning hours of December 14th, 2012 (or tonight — December 13th, super late! — whichever way you look at it!) My mom and dad have always taken great care to find what my siblings and I were most excited about, and to then expand upon that. I’ve always had a love for space and astronomy. One of my earliest childhood memories is of the whole family trekking out in the wee-early chilly hours to head north of the San Antonio, Texas bright city lights so that we could catch a glimpse of the meteors at their finest. My dad drove his 1971 Chevelle, and the engine had warmed the hood of the car to a nice temperature. We spread the blanket on the vast hood of the car, and we all watched the sky, wide-eye in anticipation.


I remember the Geminids gave us a great show! Even seeing a great fireball which audibly zoomed across the entire sky… horizon to horizon, leaving a pale smokey-green trail behind it! (I still have yet to see a fireball so impressive!) I am not sure how many meteors we had seen overall, and how many “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” we had uttered… but the hood of the car had long since grown cold, my little sisters were beyond tired and cranky, and the dawn was coming soon. We packed everything up, buckled in for the drive and dad turned the key in the ignition… nothing. He tried again, click. Silence. In a time before cellphones, we knew at that moment, that the long night was just about to get longer.

Being in the middle of nowhere, we knew it was going to be a bit of an adventure to find a payphone to call my grandpa to come and get us. My sisters, too young to understand what was going on — just cried because we weren’t moving. My mom didn’t want to make matters worse by leaving the car, and by taking my upset sisters out into the night… so my dad and I started the pre-dawn walk to the nearest bit of civilization.

Again… not sure how much time had passed, but we finally found a car dealership which had a night security guard who let us use his office phone to call. He gave us a ride back to the car and there we waited for my grandpa to get us! (It turned out to be a dead alternator by the way!) An on-going joke now whenever I tell my mom and dad that I am going out to view the meteors, is to remember to bring an extra alternator!


Being that I now live out “in the boonies” as my friends like to say, dark skies are much easier to come by. I will be watching the Geminids from the comfort of my own chilly front yard… hot decaf coffee and a camera in hand! Let’s see how many we see this year…

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Photograph of fireball Geminid by Wally Pacholka.
Photograph of Geminid Dawn by Mike Hankey.

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Project Christmas Mustang

12 Dec 2012 6:04am

Looks like someone is getting a Mustang for Christmas! ( … and this card!)


This was a fun commissioned addition to my already existing “Project Mustang Construction” card… a Santa hat in the front, back and side elevations. ‘Tis the season!

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Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
Name blurred for Christmas surprise!

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Holiday Shipping Cutoffs

6 Dec 2012 11:04am

For this 2013 holiday season, here are the last days to order from my shop in time for Christmas!

-Domestic Shipping-
First Class: Dec 19th
Priority: December 20th
Express: December 21st

-International Shipping-
First Class: December 9th (everywhere except Africa and South/Central America)
Priority: December 10th (for Canada, Caribbean and Europe only)
Express: December 14th (everywhere except Africa and South/Central America)

Please email me with any questions: jennifer (at)

Designs Retiring in 2013

5 Dec 2012 9:00am

Some good things must come to an end. So goes for some designs in the shop in the new year. For one reason or another, these designs have been either been “upgraded”, redesigned, or just time for them to go out with a bang. Bang! Enjoy these while you can, once they’ve retired… forever hold their peace.

City Skyline Series:
Home Sweet Home Cards
Scripted Postcards

Newer versions to replace the following skylines:
Austin, Texas Version 1
Boston, Massachusetts (downtown only)
Chicago, Illinois Version 1
Dallas, Texas Version 1
Los Angeles Version 1
New York City Version 1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Version 1
San Antonio, Texas Version 1
Oxford, England Version 1

Construction Series:
Project Starfish
Project Red Bud
Project Beer (version 2 still available)
Project Guavatini
Project Planet Mars
Project Aubergine Eggplant (Regular eggplant is still available)
Project Borlotti Bean
Project Good Luck Horseshoe (seasonal only)
Project St. Patricks Day Beer Mug (seasonal only)
Project Corvair Coupe (Convertible is still available)
Project 21st Century Beetle (Classic and New Beetle is still available)
Project GTI
Project Lightbulb (CFL Bulb is still available)
Project Lipstick
Project Home version 1 (version 2 is still available)
Project Apartment
Project Valentine Chocolates  (seasonal only)
Project Wedding Cake Version 1 & Version 3 (version 2 still available)
Project Wedding Cupcake
Project Tissue
Project Mouthwash
Construction Series Rectangular Seals
Construction Series Address Labels
Wedding Cake Diagram Signage

Bull and Bear Market cards
Seasonal Trees Stationery
Seasonal Trees Gift Tags
Pantheon Plan and Section print
Mini Pantheon cards
Home Love Stationery
Mini Star Camel cards
Coffee Love Stationery
Lunch Box Buddies – Veggies and Fruit
Coffee Love Tags
Hay, I’m in no MOO-d cards

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