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The Bridge – Short Story

In: Sketches + Doodles, Writing + Bookish

Part of my 2018 New Years resolutions, was to write 12 short stories. I found a website rightly named www.12shortstories.com in which they challenge exactly that. Once a month, a new prompt and word count requirement is given. I have written a handful of short stories off and on throughout my years, but have not […]

National Library Shelfie Day

In: Sundries + Misc, Writing + Bookish

There is practically a day for everything… and today is no less to that rule. It is National Library Shelfie Day. I am not a bibliophile, but what selective books I do have – I love. This is my favorite section of the book shelf… sci-fi and dystopian junkie… what can I say? 😉 … […]

New Smith + Corona Typewriter!

In: Snail Mail + Postage, Sundries + Misc, Writing + Bookish

Hello vintage Smith + Corona Electra 120 typewriter! I have been secretly wanting one of these for yeaaars… and now, I finally decided to splurge and get one! It now lives in a coveted spot on my desk – right next to postage stamps, address stamps and labels (and the occasional glass of port!) I […]

Kansas City Library Wedding Reception

In: City Skyline Series, Weddings, Writing + Bookish

These custom menus, table and seating/escort cards were created for a wedding reception being held in a library in Kansas City. I wanted their surroundings to translate subtly into the paper works, while maintaining clean and classic design. Using the couples duogram at the top, the Kansas City skyline adorns the bottom of the menus, […]

Machu Picchu Folded Cards

In: City Skyline Series, Writing + Bookish

As part of my Seven New Wonders of the World note card set… I drew the “skyline” of Machu Picchu, and in this custom set of folded cards, we included the skyline on the front… and my clients favorite literary quote inside… paired with a matte Kraft envelope. Visit Architette Studios on Facebook, or keep […]

Week Word: Novel

In: Paper Art + Collage, Writing + Bookish

This round of “Week Word” is: Novel, and it was chosen by Emma at The Gift Shed. On Friday, check back in to her blog to see a list everyone who participated in this round, and what their take on the word is! UPDATE: Now participating in Illustration Friday. Again, my thought to this weeks […]

Christmas Glow

In: Holidays, Paper Art + Collage, Writing + Bookish

“Christmas Glow” 4 x 6″ book and gouache collage – created from the pages of the classic Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol” November 2011 (sold) “Christmas Glow” – detail See more from my online portfolio for paintings, paperworks, memoirgraphs and sketches.© 2005 – 2013  www.jbishopstudios.com

Christmas Collage

In: Holidays, Paper Art + Collage, Writing + Bookish

When it comes to designing new items for the shop involving the City Skyline Series and the Construction Series, not a problem! In fact, it’s easy to just steam-roll through my thoughts and ideas and get them out there for everyone to enjoy! The only downside is… it’s hard to remember that it is healthy […]

Why Write Letters?

In: Snail Mail + Postage, Writing + Bookish

In an age when the art of writing seems to lose a little more vitality everyday, I often hear the question, “Why write letters?”… usually followed by, “I can just send an email, it’s faster.”, or, “No one ever writes back.” It isn’t always about what is the fastest, or whether you even get a […]

The Joy of Writing

In: Snail Mail + Postage, Writing + Bookish

Perfectly illustrated! I read this great article this morning entitled “Don’t Write Off the Joys of a Personal Letter” on USA Today and they had 5 great points about how to make that snail mail even sweeter! Here are my notes on each of the points… 1. Use Handwriting Absolutely! It’s just a great personal […]

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