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Save the Eagles Day Postage

In: Snail Mail + Postage

A little gathering of eagle postage stamps in honor of Save the Eagles Day. © 2018

New Smith + Corona Typewriter!

In: Snail Mail + Postage, Sundries + Misc, Writing + Bookish

Hello vintage Smith + Corona Electra 120 typewriter! I have been secretly wanting one of these for yeaaars… and now, I finally decided to splurge and get one! It now lives in a coveted spot on my desk – right next to postage stamps, address stamps and labels (and the occasional glass of port!) I […]

Postcrossing ID Stamp

In: Snail Mail + Postage

I love snail mail (no surprise, I am sure!) In the earlier part of this year… I joined a fun website called Postcrossing. If you are into snail mail, mail art, pen pals, etc at all… you may already have heard of Postcrossing. In fact, quite a few of my customers come to my shop […]

Tea Themed Snail Mail

In: Snail Mail + Postage

This year has been all about reviving snail mail… it’s no secret among my friends and family that I am a huge advocate. In April, I mailed out 10 Bird Themed Snail Mail packages to pen pals and friends. It was an excellent jump start. In May, I posted out a Sushi Themed Snail Mail […]

Sushi Themed Snail Mail

In: Snail Mail + Postage

For me, 2014 has been a lot about reviving the art of hand writing snail mail. (Not that is was ever dead to me in the first place!) As far back as I can remember, I have been exchanging mail with family and friends via good ‘ol fashioned mail.Here is a sneak peek at a […]

Cardinal and Robin “Faux”-stage

In: Branding + Illustration, Snail Mail + Postage

As I  mentioned previously in my Bird Themed Mail post, a couple of months ago, I decided to try my hand at designing my own “faux”-stage… or “artistamps” as they are more commonly known. This blog is updated all the time with examples of artists creating “faux”-stage stamps that don’t really have a postal value… […]

Bird Themed Snail Mail

In: Snail Mail + Postage

It is no secret that birds are one of my favorite animals. (You can follow my avian drawing/watching adventures on my other blog here.) It is probably not any surprise either that I adore snail mail. I have some super fun pen pals from coast to coast and across the pond. Last month, I decided […]

Bird Thank You Card

In: Branding + Illustration, Snail Mail + Postage

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology sent my mom birding kits for all her students where she teaches. She asked me to create a custom thank you card for her students to sign, with a compilation of some of my hand drawings of local birdies. This is what I created! To see more of my fine […]

Social Media Correspondence Cards

In: Snail Mail + Postage

As of late… here are the little mini correspondence cards I have been using in the studio when including a personalized note in orders or in letters to family and friends. It features a little space to write in the screen names for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I just wanted to share! Here is […]

USPS Muscle Car Stamps

In: Snail Mail + Postage

Oh my goodness… I am thoroughly impressed with the soon-to-be-released Limited Edition American Muscle Cars stamp previews! (I hope they’ll have a 60’s Corvette!) I had hoped there would be a 1960’s Corvette… but alas! It’s okay… I still can’t wait to pre-order! I also heard from the artist who created these beauties! Visit the […]

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