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Golden-fronted Woodpecker Illustration

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Happy Tuesday! When a birding enthusiast spots a new bird they have not seen in the wild before, they call that “a lifer”. Birders will add that bird to their birding “Lifer List”. My Lifer List is currently at 191 species. In a digital illustration series, I will introduce my birding Lifer List to you. […]

The Letter A

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It is Monday coming back around. It’s always busy in the studio, but a brief pause for Illustration Friday is always welcomed. This weeks topic is “The Letter A“. This is my hand drawing of a scripted A as a blade of twisting grass, flowers, nodes and featuring a special guest appearance from Sheeptails. 😉 […]

Paper Quilt Series – Chevron and Bowtie

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As previously mentioned, I have been working on a new series in the studio entitled as the “Paper Quilt Series“. It first launched with my limited edition Monkey Wrench block design created in collaboration with Karen over at Presse Dufour. Today, I present to you the open edition of the “Chevron” and “Bowtie” blocks… created […]

Little World on a Sand Dollar

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Happy Friday! It is a busy Friday… but a brief and little pause from the studio work for another addition to my “Little Worlds” series. Also combining it with this weeks Illustration Friday topic of “Urban“, this is my “Little World on a Sand Dollar”. … okay, back to work! Visit these posts for more […]

Paper Quilt Series

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As far back as I can remember, quilting, knitting and sewing are a few consistent crafts that have always been present in my life… even down to my very first baby blankie that my mom hand made! I have many memories of my mom working on her sampler quilt, full sized quilts for family members […]

Sheeptails – Wool Donation Station

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This weeks topic on Illustration Friday was “Wool“. Well, what else would be more appropriate than my Sheeptails line! Everyone is lined up for the “Wool Donation Station”! Happy Thursday! Visit Sheeptails for the latest comic! © 2013

Little World in a Storm

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Happy Thursday! A little pause from studio work for another addition to my “Little Worlds” series. Also combining it with this weeks Illustration Friday topic of “Storm“, this is my “Little World in a Storm”. (Little fact about the sketch: the streets are of the neighborhood I grew up in.) … and in progress from […]

Little World on a Color Wheel

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Happy Thursday! To take a brief pause from studio work, here is a little illustration I did as part of my “Little Worlds” series. To combine it with this weeks Illustration Friday topic of “Wheel“, I decided to entitle this as “Little World on a Color Wheel”. There is a bit more to the illustration […]

Little World on Wings

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Little worlds that are seemingly found in nature… on a leaf, on a shell, on butterflies, and a starfish… carrying society on their backs… or maybe just taking the world elsewhere for a little while. A way to pause and appreciate the little things in life… like on the wings of a bird… It also […]

Little World of Music

In: Sketches + Doodles

An in process sketch of a World of Music… See these posts about little worlds on a leaf, on a shell, on butterflies and on a starfish. See more from my online portfolio for paintings, paperworks, and sketches. © 2005 – 2013

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