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Pantone Color of the Year

In: Architecture, Art, City Skyline Series, Construction Series, Ideas

Based out of New Jersey, Pantone is best known for it’s color matching system. Rest assured that if you are using Pantone with clientele around the world, they will translate across a large variety of industries. For obvious reasons, I use it most in regards to print. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Pantone […]

Postcrossing ID Stamp

In: Ideas, Misc...

I love snail mail (no surprise, I am sure!) In the earlier part of this year… I joined a fun website called Postcrossing. If you are into snail mail, mail art, pen pals, etc at all… you may already have heard of Postcrossing. In fact, quite a few of my customers come to my shop […]

Tea Themed Snail Mail

In: Ideas, Misc...

This year has been all about reviving snail mail… it’s no secret among my friends and family that I am a huge advocate. In April, I mailed out 10 Bird Themed Snail Mail packages to pen pals and friends. It was an excellent jump start. In May, I posted out a Sushi Themed Snail Mail […]

Bird Themed Snail Mail

In: Art, Ideas, In Process

It is no secret that birds are one of my favorite animals. (You can follow my avian drawing/watching adventures on my other blog here.) It is probably not any surprise either that I adore snail mail. I have some super fun pen pals from coast to coast and across the pond. Last month, I decided […]

Skillshare with Mary Kate McDevitt

In: Art, Ideas, Illustration, In Process, Misc...

I cannot even recall how I first discovered the hand lettering work of Mary Kate McDevitt, but I have a feeling it was something about the Handwritten Letters project she did a couple of years back. In any case, I have been a big fan of her work for years, so when she announced that […]

NYC Birthday Invitations

In: Birthdays, Ideas, Illustration

Custom NYC Taxi inspired birthday invitations. Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios. Images blurred for privacy. © 2013

Construction Cards at Midnight

In: Construction Series, Ideas, Illustration, In Process

Last month, I had one sleepless night… and the result… ? I sketched a bunch of new Construction Series designs… and notated some that had been long overdue. (For examples, Project Bicycle has been something I had drawn almost two years ago… and Project Beer Mug from just as long ago too!) More coming soon […]

NYC Wedding Invitations

In: City Skyline Series, Ideas, Weddings

Custom NYC wedding pocket invitations paired with a Wisteria Purple envelope. Design by J.Bishop of Architette Studios. © 2013  

Social Media Correspondence Cards

In: Ideas, Misc...

As of late… here are the little mini correspondence cards I have been using in the studio when including a personalized note in orders or in letters to family and friends. It features a little space to write in the screen names for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I just wanted to share! Here is […]

The Social Media Dilemma

In: Ideas, Misc...

Update, tweet, pin… insta-argh! With social media, posting the same thing everywhere is so redundant! The thing about all these different methods of social media is that you may post the same thing in all these different places, and then cry for the people who “follow” your work everywhere because they have to see the […]

Update: “Monkey Wrench” Limited Edition cards are now available in the shop. In June, my Great Aunt gave me a wonderful idea of creating a series of cards featuring various popular quilt patterns. After much research, and asking friends and family for their favorites, I settled on approximately 12 quilt block patterns to be a […]

Hotel Ruiz Galindo, Veracruz, Mexico 1945

In: Art, Collage, Ideas, Illustration, Memoirgraphs

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I created a new original “Memoirgraph” using a vintage postcard dated from 1945. As mentioned in this previous post, a “memoirgraph” is a concept I composed in 2007, and have since been exploring ways to illustrate my idea. I was excited to find this postcard… the back read: “This is […]

Postage Stamp Collage

In: Art, Collage, Ideas, In Process, Memoirgraphs

Ever since visiting the cute antique shop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin as mentioned in my previous post, I have been so excited to work with vintage postcards and stamps! Aside from finding the box of old postcards which prompted my re-development of Memoirgraphs, I found a box of old unused postage stamps. I just wanted to […]

Memoirgraphs + Lake Mercer, Wisconsin 1934

In: Art, Collage, Ideas, Illustration, In Process, Memoirgraphs

While attending Pratt Institute for my Bachelors of Architecture in 2007, I took a color workshop and theory class with Professor Meri Bourgard in my thesis year which I have come to find invaluable still to this day. I even had an epiphany for a concept I wanted to develop which I called “Memoirgraphs”… to […]

Little Quilled Statue of Liberty

In: Art, City Skyline Series, Collage, Ideas, In Process

Quilling -or – paper filigree is an ages-old art of twisting, coiling, rolling and pinching of strips of paper to create decorative scrolling paperworks. It was alive and well in the times of Renaissance, in the 18th century and again has found its way into mainstream. In light of my latest inspirations and desires to […]

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