Based out of New Jersey, Pantone is best known for it’s color matching system. Rest assured that if you are using Pantone with clientele around the world, they will translate across a large variety of industries. For obvious reasons, I use it most in regards to print.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Pantone announced two colors this year! Introducing Rose Quartz and Serenity… or let’s face it… baby pink and baby blue!

Pantone Science

Of the Pantone Color of the Year official pairings palette, I liked #7…


In as far as my shop goes… here are some Rose Quartz and Serenity “ish” items for you!

Project Happy Birthday Girl, Project Birthday Cake, Project Cupcake Demolition, Project Ballet Pointe Shoe.

Pantone Rose Quartz by Architette Studios

Project Cupcake, Project Baby Boy, Original Shanghai Skyline Watercolor, Project Classic Corvette, Project Zodiac – Aquarius.

Pantone Serenity by Architette Studios

Designs by J.Bishop of Architette Studios.
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