Happy Thursday! To take a brief pause from studio work, here is a little illustration I did as part of my “Little Worlds” series. To combine it with this weeks Illustration Friday topic of “Wheel“, I decided to entitle this as “Little World on a Color Wheel”.

Little World on a Color Wheel by J.Bishop Studios
There is a bit more to the illustration than first meets the eye too. The “main roads” (the prominent triangle) lead to each of the three primary colors represented by one tree in red, blue and yellow. The secondary colors of are represented by two trees in the colors of orange, green and violet. The tertiary colors are represented by three trees in the colors of red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and  red-violet can only be reached by “roads” leading from secondary colors. Lastly, the roads are in white because when all light from the visible color spectrum mix, it creates white.

Little World Color Wheel In Process
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